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Our Mission & Vision

Kadans Science Partner has the mission to create and support innovation ecosystems. Backed by up-to-date knowledge and international experience, Kadans does this by offering tailor-made real estate solutions and giving our tenants access into innovation ecosystems. In doing so, Kadans optimizes the success of its tenants and stimulates innovation.

Tailor-made accommodation

Kadans Science Partner focuses on the investment in (development, investment, construction, financing and acquisition), the lease and management of office and research buildings all over Europe. We frequently offer these types of accommodation in combination with laboratories, cleanrooms, tech halls and pilot plants for R&D departments.

By offering these types of real estate we concentrate on accommodating organizations, both companies and knowledge and research institutes, active within knowledge-intensive sectors, such as Agriculture, Food, Life Sciences & Health, Biobased industry, Energy, Creative and High-Tech.

Kadans is uniquely familiar with the needs of innovative organizations and knows how to translate these into profitable, high-quality and sustainable facilities, an optimal positioning of spaces, perfect gross-net ratios (functional floor area) and the ideal layout of, e.g., laboratories.

Changing needs

Businesses and organizations are increasingly concentrating on their core businesses, whilst at the same time choosing to outsource secondary operations, such as accommodation. Accommodation is becoming an increasingly complicated and expensive issue. Driven by current commercial dynamics, ever greater demands are made in terms of the quality and flexibility of accommodation. Companies with a vision are therefore seeking a future-proof solution, and are reflecting on new forms of financing.

52Nijmegen is een bedrijfsverzamelgebouw, een (science) verzamelgebouw, met meerdere kennisintensieve huurders. En een aantal andere huurders die de voordelen zien van het netwerken op Novio Tech Campus, NXP terrein en Nijmegen en omgeving. Het pand is van Kadans Science Partner en staat op de Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. 52 Nijmegen / 52 Degrees Nijmegen / naast NXP.

Support the innovation ecosystem

Nowadays, organizations are looking for an integrated real estate solution. Kadans optimizes the success of its tenants by creating and facilitating innovation ecosystems. With this Kadans also fulfills other core needs of its tenants in addition to tailor-made accommodation.  

We distinguish three categories of core needs: access to market, access to talent and access to facilities.

Based on these core needs Kadans realized extra services and offers called ecosystem services to its tenants on top of the real estate, facility services and technical services.

Kadans works closely together with multiple strategic partners at local, regional, national and international level. Therefore we provide our tenants the benefit of access to both the local ecosystem of the campus on which they are located, as well as our network of ecosystems of innovation areas throughout Europe. We connect our tenants with universities, research organizations, promising start-ups, scale-ups and corporates within our network.

With tailor-made accommodation and a broad range of ecosystem services we support further growth and success of our tenants.

What our partner says

“Kadans shows a lot of dedication and takes responsibility.”