Building or renting a cleanroom?


Do you want to have an own science location with a cleanroom? Or would you rather together with other science businesses share a multitenant science building which includes cleanroom facilities? That option too falls under our expertise.

With Kadans Science Partner, you can rent or build a cleanroom together with any other facilities that you may require. Completely made to measure. You can have a completely ‘own’ building developed and built by Kadans. A building with cleanroom and other science facilities. A building that has been developed and built entirely to your wishes and requirements, and of which you are the sole occupant. Alternatively, you can rent a cleanroom in one of our incubators of multitenant science buildings. All your wishes can be met thanks to the unique integral approach of Kadans!

Kadans has developed, built and managed various buildings, including cleanrooms, in the Netherlands. Is there a specific location where you would like to realise your building with cleanroom and other facilities? Kadans can be of service from A to Z. We look forward to consulting on the available options and sharing our expertise with you. Read on or click directly on the ‘Call me’ button below to arrange an informal consultation. Read on or contact us to arrange an informal consultation.

Lab ruimte huren? Wilt u een laboratorium huren in een science bedrijfsverzamelgebouw van Kadans? Kadans richt uw laboratorium op maat voor u in of u deelt het lab met meerdere huurders. Kadans beschikt over science verzamelgebouwen in bijna alle universiteitssteden. Vaak op de campus dicht bij andere R&D professionals. Kennisintensieve bedrijven, instellingen en startups nemen contact op met Kadans om te weten waar nog een laboratorium te huur is of waar Kadans het huren laboratoriumruimte mogelijk kan maken.

Build a cleanroom

Cleanroom huren of een cleanroom bouwen? Als u op zoek bent naar huisvesting met R&D faciliteiten zoals een cleanroom, neem dan contact op met Kadans. Uw clean room wordt door Kadans op maat voor u gebouwd. In een eigen locatie of in een science verzamelgebouw.

Do you want to realise a building with cleanroom? In a renovated or new build complex? By a specialist that can also develop, finance and manage the building for you? A partner from whom you lease your ‘own’ building with cleanroom and other facilities?/b>

Then you are looking for Kadans Science Partner.

Build an own cleanroom?
Kadans Science Partner can realise made-to-measure industrial buildings with one or more cleanrooms. Kadans Science Partner is responsible for the development and commercial operation of property for numerous knowledge-intensive businesses in the Netherlands. These buildings are fitted out with tailor-made laboratories, cleanrooms, research facilities, climate-controlled spaces, pilot plants and office, conference and presentation spaces. Kadans Science Partner has for many years been the leading property partner for the R&D departments of knowledge institutes, education institutes and knowledge-intensive businesses in innovative (top) sectors, such as Food, Life Sciences, Health, Living Environment, Biotechnology, Biobased and High-Tech Semicon.

Kadans Science Partner is uniquely familiar with the specific needs made of cleanrooms and other science facilities. Its greatest strength lies in the efficient and sustainable construction of industrial buildings with cleanrooms and other facilities at the lowest possible price, in combination with optimal financing. This results in a lower rent for tenants.

For Kadans Science Partner it is evident that cleanrooms and other facilities must be high quality, durable and offer an ideal layout.

References from the users of cleanrooms built and outfitted by Kadans can be provided on request. We can possibly also arrange a visit to a cleanroom so that you can personally see what Kadans stands for.

Rent a cleanroom

Rent a cleanroom?
Do you need a cleanroom? But do not wish to build it yourself? Kadans Science Partner offers a broad and tailor-made package of services. You can, for example, have Kadans Science Partner construct a building with cleanroom or other facilities which you then lease, or you can rent a cleanroom in a multitenant complex owned by Kadans Science Partner.

Startups, in many cases spin-off businesses of knowledge institutes, can use the cleanrooms in the incubator buildings of Kadans Science Partner. Here, startups have all they need to grow to the next level.

Users of the Kadans multitenant buildings have access to a total package of services, including workspace, facilities (laboratory, cleanroom, research space, pilot plant), coaching, advice, financing access to a valuable network. For Kadans, service involves far more than just renting out a cleanroom!

Rent a cleanroom in a multitenant science building?
Kadans has a couple of buildings in Nijmegen and Wageningen in which science businesses are housed and a cleanroom can be rented. These include the BioPartner Center in Wageningen, Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen and Plus Ultra at Wageningen Campus, buildings in which we can offer tenants a great deal more than just a cleanroom.

Please contact us for an appointment if you wish to view a cleanroom in Wageningen or Nijmegen.

Cleanroom huren of een cleanroom bouwen? Als u op zoek bent naar huisvesting met R&D faciliteiten zoals een cleanroom, neem dan contact op met Kadans. Uw clean room wordt door Kadans op maat voor u gebouwd. In een eigen locatie of in een science verzamelgebouw.