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Podcast episode 2: The hospital of the future will be your own living room

Building the Future episode 2: The hospital of the future will be your own living room The technology that enables physicians to remotely monitor the health of patients is becoming increasingly sophisticated and offers

Kadans Connected – Subsidies for research and development processes

Date: Thursday July 1 Programme: 11.00 - 11.55 CEST : Presentation Hezelburcht 12.00 - 13.00 CEST : Discussion personal cases Where: Online This webinar is powered by: Hezelburcht Research and development processes are important

For without innovation, there is no future

Accelerating the European recovery and sustainable transition through an investment strategy for innovation ecosystems This piece, written by some of IASP's partners including the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, PlusValue and more,

Kadans Science Partner develops own podcast series Building the Future

In the podcast Building the Future various experts discuss how they see the future. Various themes from life sciences, agrifood and high-tech sectors are covered. The unique thing about the podcasts is that the

150 miljoen euro extra voor onderzoek- en innovatiesteun schoner en slimmer vervoer

Bedrijven en kennisinstellingen in de auto-industrie, luchtvaart en maritieme sector kunnen gebruik maken van extra ondersteuning gericht op onderzoek en innovatie. Als gevolg van teruglopende omzetten tijdens de coronacrisis staan investeringen in onderzoek en

Replay: Kadans Connected – No patent without strategy

On May 10, the Kadans Connected webinar regarding patents was organized in collaboration with Briskr and EDP. Ard Ellens – Patent Attorney of EDP and Ruben van Heck – Attorney Trainee, EDP gave insight

How sharing the coffee machine led to collaboration between Enzyre and CITC

Innovation center CITC likes to share. The research institute in advanced chip packaging technology not only offers access to lab infrastructure but also shares delicious coffee with its neighbors. Several companies are located in