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Podcast: A future without fossil fuels is an illusion

The search for renewable energy sources is gaining ground. Wind and solar energy have been familiar to us for quite some time, but there are countless other innovations that generate emission-free energy. The question

Kadans Connected – How to select the right digital tools to accelerate your R&D

Date: Tuesday, October 12Programme:11.00 AM CEST : Presentation Clustermarket11.45 AM CEST : Q & AWhere: OnlineThis webinar is powered by: Clustermarket When managing an R&D facility, you have many responsibilities in order to have your

Podcast: In 20 years cell and gene therapies for cancer will be commonplace

Cancer is one of the world’s most devastating diseases. Its treatment can be punishing, and have several nasty side effects. Fortunately, scientists have a better idea now of how to treat it, and the

Podcast: De race tegen cybercriminelen is niet te winnen

Online criminaliteit is nu net zo gewoon en voor de hand liggend als in de offline wereld: Ddos-aanvallen, diefstal van persoonsgegevens, phishing... en ga zo maar door. Maar in onze verbonden maatschappij staat er

Podcast: Jouw volgende arts wordt een robot

Building the Future aflevering 5: Jouw volgende arts wordt een robot Als er één gebied is waar technologische ontwikkelingen elkaar in hoog tempo opvolgen, dan is het wel de medische sector. Een groeiend aantal

Kadans voegt België toe aan internationale netwerk met aankoop Watson & Crick Hill

Louvain-la-Neuve, 3 augustus 2021 - Kadans Science Partner heeft haar portefeuille uitgebreid met de verwerving van Watson & Crick Hill. Hiermee voegt Kadans haar eerste locatie in België toe aan de Europese portefeuille. Watson & Crick

AXA IM Alts to invest €1.9 billion in Life Sciences through Kadans Science Partner

AXA IM Alts has raised €1.9 billion of equity to accelerate investments into the Life Sciences sector. The capital raised will primarily be invested through Kadans Science Partner, which will enable Kadans to execute

Podcast: In 2040 our food is climate neutral

Our food system is a very complex system that consists of a worldwide network with millions of suppliers, farmers, transporters and factories. This is an energy-consuming system that often has a major impact on