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Hammering down future pandemics: experts discuss their views

The current pandemic is not the first and will not be the last we have to deal with. Factors like globalization, global warming and zoonoses increase risks for new large-scale virus outbreaks. Ab Osterhaus

How sharing the coffee machine led to collaboration between Enzyre and CITC

Innovation center CITC likes to share. The research institute in advanced chip packaging technology not only offers access to lab infrastructure but also shares delicious coffee with its neighbors. Several companies are located in

‘We want to offer much more than just real estate’

‘We want to offer much more than just real estate’ Kadans Science Partner believes in the importance of giving tenants access to an innovation ecosystem that enables parties to strengthen each other. By Anourd

Blue Horizon Ventures launches €183 million foodtech fund to support sustainable future

Blue Horizon Ventures, a foodtech VC based in Zürich, is launching a new fund, dedicating €183 million to investments that have a positive impact on the environment, human health and animal welfare. The fund