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European Parliament votes in favour of EU plan to replace animal experiments with cutting-edge science

The European Parliament has voted to replace animal experiments. This historic opportunity shifts the focus from animal suffering to modern, human relevant technologies. The vote calls for the European Commission to establish an EU-wide

Podcast: A future without fossil fuels is an illusion

The search for renewable energy sources is gaining ground. Wind and solar energy have been familiar to us for quite some time, but there are countless other innovations that generate emission-free energy. The question

Kadans Connected – How to select the right digital tools to accelerate your R&D

Date: Tuesday, October 12Programme:11.00 AM CEST : Presentation Clustermarket11.45 AM CEST : Q & AWhere: OnlineThis webinar is powered by: Clustermarket When managing an R&D facility, you have many responsibilities in order to have your

Podcast: In 20 years cell and gene therapies for cancer will be commonplace

Cancer is one of the world’s most devastating diseases. Its treatment can be punishing, and have several nasty side effects. Fortunately, scientists have a better idea now of how to treat it, and the

Podcast: The race against cyber criminals is unwinnable

Online crime is now just as common and obvious as in the offline world: Ddos attacks, theft of personal data, phishing... and so on. But in our connected society, the stakes are often very

Podcast: Your next doctor will be a robot

Building the Future episode 5: Your next doctor will be a robot If there is one area where technological developments are introduced at a rapid pace, it is the medical sector. A growing number

Fuji Oil Group Announces the Establishment of their Global Innovation Center Europe in Foodvalley, The Netherlands

The Fuji Oil Group will open the first R & D center in Europe to promote open innovation. Fuji Oil Holdings (Head Office: Osaka, Japan, President and CEO Mr. Mikio Sakai) announces the establishment