Construction of Kadans development at Wageningen Campus started

2019-05-14T14:04:32+02:0014 May 2019|

Following the success of multi-tenant building Plus Ultra at Wageningen Campus, owner and developer Kadans Science Partner has started the construction of its successor: Plus Ultra II. Because of the increasing demand for commercial offices

Kadans to develop new multi-tenant building for Genmab and Merus on Utrecht Science Park

2019-04-15T15:25:59+02:0010 April 2019|

Biotechnology companies Genmab and Merus are cooperating with Kadans Science Partner as developer for “The Accelerator”, a new multi-tenant Life Sciences building on Utrecht Science Park. Merus N.V. (“Merus”) and Genmab B.V. (“Genmab”) initiated

Eindhoven Medical Robotics chooses Meulensteen House of Robotics

2019-02-26T11:28:49+02:0026 February 2019|

Maarten Steinbuch and Anupam Nayak have signed the lease with Kadans Science Partner. A specific space where robotics start-ups can jointly work on new innovations, in the heart of the knowledge-intensive environment of the University

Kadans Science Partner redevelops Meulensteen House of Robotics on TU/e Campus

2018-11-16T12:14:03+02:0012 November 2018|

Kadans Science Partner has bought Meulensteen Art Center on TU/e Campus. The building, which is located on the east side of the campus, will be Kadans Science Partner’s second building on the TU/e Campus. Kennispoort