Protinhi Therapeutics selected as part of BLUE KNIGHT™ collaboration for pandemic preparedness

Protinhi Therapeutics, a company specializing in protease inhibition with the aim to combat viral infectious diseases, has announced that it has been selected to join Blue Knight, a global community of early-stage biotech companies.

Podcast: A future without fossil fuels is an illusion

The search for renewable energy sources is gaining ground. Wind and solar energy have been familiar to us for quite some time, but there are countless other innovations that generate emission-free energy. The question

Podcast: In 20 years cell and gene therapies for cancer will be commonplace

Cancer is one of the world’s most devastating diseases. Its treatment can be punishing, and have several nasty side effects. Fortunately, scientists have a better idea now of how to treat it, and the

Drive to innovate ensures the further growth of a healthy Campus Groningen

Campus Groningen has successfully maintained its healthy pre-crisis growth rate. Today, Campus Groningen also provides more employment opportunities. This is primarily driven by its innovative vision towards the future, something that all the established parties