In an IEA report exploring in which ways governments can support clean energy start-ups, EIT InnoEnergy (tenant at Eindhoven University of Technology) was mentioned as a key case study in relation to its work with the European Union. Moreover, the mentioned case study was the only private entity listed among all 14 case studies.

The report provides a clear review of government ability to foster innovation in the pioneering businesses of clean energy. This is crucial when viewed alongside today’s climate challenges and energy standards (e.g. Paris Agreement). Furthermore, Elena Bou, Executive Board Member & Innovation Director at EIT InnoEnergy said: “Innovation leadership and collaboration from both the public and private sector is fundamental to meet the required pace of the race to net-zero. It is a crucial time to drive clean energy innovation, and we are tremendously proud to be listed in this report from the IEA that focuses on mobilizing start-up solutions to our biggest challenges when it comes to sustainable progress.”

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