Foodvalley NL believes that only by working together with other organizations, can a global transition to a sustainable food system be achieved. Over the past years, many organizations shifted gears in order to accelerate this transition. In doing so, Foodvalley NL gathered important insights that impact the way they work:

1. We need everyone involved – from all walks of life, across different fields and industries, to add different perspectives, experience and knowledge to enhance change.
2. Creating breeding grounds for collaboration on specific developments is key for accelerating innovation.

Based on these insights, Foodvalley NL understands that they must open their doors further to welcome an even larger variety of stakeholders into their network. They will also introduce two new communities, to stimulate unique forms of collaboration and create breeding grounds, on Upcycling and Personalized Nutrition, next to the Protein Community.

To support these efforts, their current membership model will be replaced in 2022 by a new, more inclusive Partnership Model.