Kadans Science Partner expands its presence in Europe with the first investment in Germany. Kadans has acquired the former production site of machine factory Garbe-Lahmeyer & Co, the Jahrhunderthalle in Aachen. This listed industrial complex was built in 1899, consists of seven buildings and is located north of the city center. Currently, the complex is partly leased to StreetScooter, with Deutsche Post as its parent company, developing electric vehicles in Aachen. Another tenant is Zentis, a German producer and leader on the European market of jams and confectionery, performing research and product development for the food industry.

Kadans will continue the redevelopment of the 44,000 m2 large complex and will transform it into a knowledge-intensive hub and local hot spot. The industrial look and feel of the listed buildings will be preserved and combined with modern state-of-the-art research facilities. Kadans will cooperate with Mayarchitektur, who designed the listed Carlswerk project in Cologne. Kadans is experienced in redeveloping listed buildings into knowledge hubs as well, with projects such as the Pastoe Fabriek in Utrecht and the former convent Mariënburg in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Space will be created for laboratories, pilot plants, R&D facilities and offices, as well as workshops, co-working spaces and restaurant facilities. With the appealing location in proximity of the city center and the link with the RWTH Aachen, the Jahrhunderthalle has everything to become a vibrant hot spot with young start-ups as well as established companies. Kadans supports and organizes events and informal meetings to further stimulate cooperation and to build a strong ecosystem.

The acquisition of Jahrhunderthalle is being financed bij HCOB, Hamburg Commercial Bank.

The portfolio of Kadans already comprised of 25 buildings and 11 campus locations in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In addition to multiple developments all over the Netherlands, Kadans is actively working on securing new projects in Spain, the United Kingdom as well as Germany.

The acquisition of the Jahrhunderthalle in Aachen means Kadans takes the first step on the German knowledge-intensive market. Kadans aspires to partner with universities and organizations across Europe to build one strong knowledge-sharing ecosystem of science parks.