Kadans Science Partner works together with various partners in order to relieve its tenants of all their worries. For instance, various extra services are offered by organisations from our partner network, both at a specific science park or campus and throughout Kadans’ international network. As of 20 June 2022, LEF Media is one of our ecosystem partners.

LEF Media is the first commercial vlogging agency in the Netherlands. Business vlogging is becoming increasingly popular among companies to take their online marketing to a new and unique level. With this new medium, LEF Media offers a way to present your story in a creative and unique way to the right target group.

LEF Media is very excited to expand their network and provide our ecosystem with their services. Lieke van der Plas, Business vlogger, speaker and presenter at LEF Media, says: “Kadans dares to show guts and gives stories of its members and companies in the community a stage. This fits in well with our core values and vision. Kadans offers a large and diverse network of organisations where there are still many opportunities to be found in their online marketing. We are very keen to help these organisations with their online storytelling, so that they can stand out from the competition in a creative way and attract the attention of their target group.”

LEF Media will offer various user-focused benefits for the Kadans community. For example, our tenants and partners will receive a 10% discount for the three different packages that have been put together. The three packages are tailored to three different phases of a business. Thus, the packages offer a marketing strategy in the field of various vlogging services that perfectly suits your organisation.

We think that with the new marketing strategies offered by LEF Media, this partnership creates an opportunity for our ecosystem to generate visibility in a unique way. “LEF Media has an original position in the market and works on modern developments in the field of online marketing. We think this is a good match for our ecosystem in which various organisations can make use of the latest solutions,” says Tom Straeter, Ecosystem Manager at Kadans.

Are you interested in the offer or the possibilities from LEF Media? Then please contact Elise Verschoor, Ecosystem Manager at Kadans.

With a wide range of ecosystem services, Kadans supports further growth and success of its tenants. For the full range of ecosystem partners and their advantages, please visit our partner page.