Organized by the LBSP Foundation, this Tech Talk will focus on new innovation challenges in single cell technology. Cells are the fundamental building blocks of life, but there is a known heterogeneity of cells within each tissue. Each of these cell types has a distinct function within the tissue and may behave differently during disease progression or in response to drug treatments. Recent technological advancements have made it possible to characterize individual cells at the genomic level. It is now feasible to measure different molecular aspects of millions of cells simultaneously, rapidly transforming our understanding of biology and disease. These technology developments are accompanied by a plethora of computational methods tailored to tackle the unique challenges of single-cell data. This has resulted in a highly multidisciplinary field which connects technology developers with computational and molecular biologists to understand cellular heterogeneity in health and disease.

Single Cell Network, Leiden (scNL) brings together researchers interested in single-cell experimental and computational methods, as well as in their application to tackle biological and clinical questions.

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