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Meulensteen House of Robotics


The place for robotics start-ups to realize and test new developments. Together we work on innovation.

Innovate together

Meulensteen House of Robotics is specifically developed for start-ups. Cooperation is stimulated and entrepeneurs can mantain a relevent link with the TU/e. Read more


Tailor-made workshops for individual companies, but with the added benefits of shared facilities.


Every business experiences the benefits of their own work space combined with shared facilities like a shared entrance, pantry, lunch area and meeting rooms Read more

Unique location

In the heart of a knowledge-intenisve environment, surrounded by education, research and innovation on TU/e Campus.

Surrounded by knowledge

The place for start-ups in the High Tech sector. On the TU/e university campus right in the heart of the famous Brainport region. Read more

Startup Community

Automation is one of the most dominant trends in our society and robotics is a physical translation of this. Universities are a hot spot of new ideas and innovation in the area of robotics. This is why we develop an incubator, specifically for robotics start-ups. In Meulensteen House of Robotics, start-ups can work together to develop their new robotics innovations and have the space to thoroughly test them. By working together and by realizing shared facilities, an inspiring environment is created that contributes to the innovative character of both Meulensteen House of Robotics as well as the TU/e Campus. Because of its location and its pre-existing community, tenants in Meulensteen House of Robotics can easliy maintain a relevent connection with the Eindhoven University of Technology, which means they can continue to have access to the students and knowledge of the university. This is how we build a robotics community on campus together.



The Meulensteen Art Center will be redeveloped into a House of Robotics, where robotics start-ups can locate their activities. The building will be a multi-tenant building with shared facilities, like an entrance, pantry, lunch area, sanitary facilities, meeting rooms and various flexible work spaces. In addition, the furniture for the central facilities (tables, chairs, seating area, screen in meeting room, screen in entrance area, outdoor table) are provided by lessor Kadans Science Partner. The building will have four workshops on the ground floor, which will be leased individually. The second floor consists of one large work space.

TU/e Campus

The Eindhoven University of Technology campus (TU/e Campus) is located near the city center of Eindhoven. On Campus, in addition to educational buildings, various buildings are located which house about 100 companies. These companies all profit from the cooperation with the knowledge institutes on TU/e Campus. Companies vary from startups to large international research institutes. The TU/e Campus facilitates the shared use of state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and the support of new businesses.


The last years, TU/e Campus has been actively redeveloping and renovating. This way, a green, lively space is created near the city center of Eindhoven. De redevelopment of the campus is needed to facilitate the growth of the TU/e. TU/e Eindhoven has over 10,700 students, of which 6,600 bachelor and 4,100 master students. Additionally, over 1,700 PhD candidates are active on campus. The University of Technology Eindhoven was the fastest growing university in the Netherlands in 2017. Moreover, TU/e Campus is the workspace for over 3,200 employees and over 2,000 academic staff members. To continue to be appealing, the campus offers facilities like housing, a grocery store, sports facilities, meeting and congress spaces and various catering facilities.


The TU/e campus is located in the center of Eindhoven. This means that the campus is easily accessible by public transport. The campus is only a several-minute walk away from the NS train station and bus station. The campus is also easily accessible by car. The city center of Eindhoven is connected to highways A2, A50, A58 and A67. Additionally, the green campus is provided with many footh and bicycle paths. Furthermore, Eindhoven Airport is only several kilometers away, accessible by bus from the station in 20 minutes.

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