Earlier this month, the construction of the Kopgebouw reached its highest point. On Thursday, June 16, this milestone was festively celebrated and, according to tradition, the flag was raised at the newest location of Smart Campus Leerpark.

The new Kopgebouw is a development of Kadans Science Partner and brings together education, entrepreneurship and innovation. Among others, Dordrecht Academy will take its residence on the fourth and fifth floors of the building. In addition, a sky bridge connects Kopgebouw with the adjacent Duurzaamheidsfabriek, literally building a bridge between mbo and hbo. The other floors have room for companies that focus on technology and innovation. This combination makes Kopgebouw a place where education and business find and reinforce each other. Due to the striking facade with draped theater cloth, Kopgebouw will be a landmark at the entrance of the campus.

Erwin van Braam, director Dordrecht Academy: “In addition to the Duurzaamheidsfabriek, Kopgebouw will become the place for high-quality education, innovation and meetings. Companies can work together and with mbo, ad and bachelor students on challenging innovative projects.”


From the beginning of the design plans for the Kopgebouw, the focus has been on a high sustainability ambition. This ambition has been translated into practical and meaningful measures. Because of these sustainability measures, the Dutch Green Building Council has awarded the BREEAM-NL Excellent design certificate to the Kopgebouw.

Smart Campus Leerpark

Earlier this year, the new name of Leerpark was announced: Smart Campus Leerpark, or SCALE for short, which strengthens its status of campus. SCALE is the very first campus that really connects digital and physical innovation. Here, global players work together with SMEs, scale-ups and knowledge institutes on the products of today and tomorrow. The campus has a unique position in the Netherlands because of its focus on the application of technology and its explicit connection with vocational education. Kopgebouw contributes to strengthening the connection between education and entrepreneurship.

Kopgebouw is also part of Kadans’ international network, which connects various science parks and campuses in Europe. In this way, collaboration between innovative companies, knowledge and educational institutes is stimulated to work together on a better future.