Rent a building or space with a pilot plant?

Build your own location with pilot plant and other research facilities? Or rent a pilot plant in a multi-tenant building?

As innovative company, you often wish to subject a laboratory developed product to further testing and measuring in a pilot plant, before proceeding with large-scale production. Kadans Science Partner is specialised in the housing of knowledge-intensive businesses and institutes in buildings including not only offices, but also high-quality facilities such as laboratories, cleanrooms, climate-controlled spaces, multifunctional R&D facilities, pilot plants, techno halls, etc. Kadans Science Partner Is uniquely familiar with the wishes and requirements of its clients as well as the demands made of a pilot plant in terms of building systems and facilities. Kadans Science Partner can for your organisation develop or renovate a building in which we also include a pilot plant. By having Kadans Science Partner assume the role of developer, builder, financier, lessor and property manager, you can focus on your innovative work without having to commit any cash resources to housing and the pilot plant. Kadans Science Partner arrange your location from financing up to and including management. You can have a pilot plant realised for your organisation in one of our multi-tenant science buildings or incubator buildings for startups. These buildings are generally located in the immediate proximity of knowledge institutes, creating a network that you can benefit from. Need a pilot plant to further test your innovation? Then contact us to arrange an informal consultation!


  • Own location with pilot plant
  • Rent a pilot plant in a multi-tenant science building
Op zoek naar huisvesting met R&D faciliteiten en een pilotplant? Uw pilot plant of proef fabriek wordt door Kadans op maat voor u gebouwd. In een eigen locatie of in een science verzamelgebouw.

Extra services for your pilot plant

On top of the tailor-made laboratories, Kadans offers various ecosystem services. These services are provided in addition to regular property and technical services for laboratories. By offering these ecosystem services Kadans optimizes the success of your organization.

Some examples of our ecosystem services are:

  • Access to shared lab facilities
  • Access to lab instruments
  • Access to a network of innovative companies and research institutes throughout Europe
  • Access to business and community events

Rent a pilot plant in a multi-tenant building on a campus or science park

For both small and large businesses and organizations, we have multi-tenant buildings with an incubator function, generally located near universities or other knowledge institutes on a campus or science park. We can be found on:

On many locations we have space available to realise a pilot plant for you!

BioPartner Center Wageningen is een bedrijfsverzamelgebouw voor kennisintensieve bedrijven en instellingen met R&D faciliteiten. Wilt u een lab huren of een cleanroom of pilot plant? Met kantoorruimte en eigen of gedeelde vergaderfaciliteiten? Bel Kadans. BioPartner Center Wageningen heeft ook een incubatorfunctie voor starters.

What our partner says

Bart van der Looij CFO Vaxxinova

“From the first moment, we have been working on the design together to integrate our wishes and requirements into the design. We could therefore design an efficient laboratory that matches our workflow.”


Lease a pilot plant in Aachen, Amsterdam, Cambrige, Glasgow, Leiden, Nijmegen, Rijswijk, Den Haag, Utrecht or Wageningen

Space occasionally becomes available in one of the Kadans multi-tenant buildings, which includes laboratory facilities, in cities all over Europe. Call us if you are interested!

Interested in renting a pilot plant? Find more information below!

  • Rent a pilot plant in Aachen
  • Rent a pilot plant in Amsterdam
  • Rent a pilot plant in Cambridge
  • Rent a pilot plant in Glasgow
  • Rent a pilot plant in Leiden
  • Rent a pilot plant in Nijmegen
  • Rent a pilot plant in Rijswijk
  • Rent a pilot plant in The Hague
  • Rent a pilot plant in Utrecht
  • Rent a pilot plant in Wageningen
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