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What will the world look like in 20 years? Will we still be eating meat? What role will robots play in our lives? How soon will we really have a fully self-driving car? In Building the Future, various experts discuss how they see the future. They will talk about the latest innovations, explore the social debate and try to create a picture of the future. Because no matter what we think, fact is that the world is changing. Therefore collaboration is essential for innovation.

By producing this podcast, Kadans Science Partner gives members of its community the opportunity to discuss the solutions and innovations they are working on.

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Episode 1: In 20 years we will not eat meat anymore

That the production of meat has all kinds of downsides, is something probably everyone will agree on. That is why scientists and companies worldwide are investigating what a diet without meat looks like. Are we able to say goodbye to the steak on our plate? Are there any tasty alternatives with the same nutritional value? In this episode host Rudy van Beurden meets three experts who try to find answers to these questions: Marc Arts from Greenfood50, Ingrid van der Meer from Wageningen University & Research and Mateo Piano from Innogusto.

Episode 2: The hospital of the future will be your own living room

The technology that enables physicians to remotely monitor the health of patients is becoming increasingly sophisticated and offers a rapidly growing number of possibilities. As a result, it is no longer always necessary for patients to come to the hospital for a doctor’s visit or medical assistance. This is often more pleasant for patients, and it also saves considerable costs. Does this mean that in the future patients will no longer have to go to a hospital, and that they always can stay in their own homes when sick? Host Rudy van Beurden searches for an answer, together with three health experts: Waander van Heerde from Enzyre, Wanne Wiersinga from NL MoveUP and Koen van den Hurk from Health Valley.

Episode 2 will be released on June 22


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