The Triple O Campus in Breda is the centre for creativity and technology in the area. More than 100 companies and professionals work together here. As of recently, Pointly is one of these companies. A couple of weeks ago, they moved to the Blushuis.

Pointly is a sales development agency. They work together with sales managers, CEOs, marketing managers and business developers to make the sales development phase as effective and efficient as possible. They have the ambition to make sales and marketing work together, by providing sales techniques and automation. Pointly has already advised several customers. From optimizing a proposition, cold calling, conducting market research and applying smart automation in the sales process.

Pointly has chosen to move to the Blushuis to make the location match the progression of the company. They are growing fast and therefore need more space for an increase in personnel. Moreover, the Blushuis contains many companies that share their expertise with online marketing, making it a great space to meet and share knowledge with other organisations in the field.

The Triple O Campus is Breda’s most creative campus. Since 2017, Kadans has been housing various creative entrepreneurs in the many buildings of the campus, who continue to inspire each other on a daily basis.

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