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About Automotive Test Center

Knowledge center for future mobility

TNO Test Center was acquired in 2018 from a private investor and houses Automotive R&D institutes TNO and TASS/Siemens. Test Center Helmond is a research center with offices and various automotive test facilities. For instance, the European Electric Mobility Center (EEMC) supports developers and manufacturers of electric vehicles and components. With a wide range of facilities the EEMC provides development, engineering and testing of battery safety & performance and vehicle performance & efficiency. TNO’s powertrain test center optimizes overall system performance. This is achieved by using (virtual) sensors and model predictive control strategies based on combined emission and energy management concepts.

At the location, vehicles from European and American manufacturers are crash tested. Furthermore, TNO certifies safety devices such as helmets, children seats and seat belts.

But not only the facility is part of the research center, the A270 motorway (Helmond-Eindhoven) is part of the Automotive Campus to research smart mobility in real traffic, a living lab. Smart mobility is the solution to keep society safer, more accessible, and habitable. Groundbreaking technologies are being developed and tested at the Automotive Campus. The control center of this living lab is situated in the Test Center Helmond.

The campus not only houses businesses but various schools as well. Summa Automotive has 200 students located on-site and is increasing their presence on the campus by developing a new building to accommodate ca. 500 people. Fontys University of Applied Sciences has ca. 200 students located in and around Helmond. And is developing a new building on the Campus to accommodate the lectorate Future Power Train.

Being Kadans’ first step on Automotive Campus Helmond, the building is the perfect example of the activities and commitments on the campus. We are exploring ways to grow our involvement and boost campus development to further enhance the attractiveness of the campus for businesses.



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