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Campus Groningen

Campus Groningen is the centre for innovation, research and business in the Northern Netherlands. The campus is spread over two locations: Zernike Campus, located north of the city, and the Healthy Ageing Campus, located near the UMCG in the city centre. Since the creation of the campus in 2016, more than 230 companies have settled on the campus. This makes Campus Groningen one of the fastest growing campuses in the Netherlands.

Zernike Campus

The Zernike Campus is home to approximately 150 companies with a focus on energy, chemistry, life sciences and big data. This part of the campus is home to more than 4,000 researchers and employees and a few hundred entrepreneurs. In addition, some 35,000 students attend lectures at the University of Groningen and Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

Healthy Ageing Campus

At the Healthy Ageing Campus the theme of Healthy Ageing is central. The University Medical Center Groningen is among the places to be found on the campus. There are also companies working in the fields of Food & (e-)Health, Biomedical Technology and Pharma. The campus is an inspiring ecosystem where researchers and entrepreneurs work together with authorities on innovations.

Rent office or lab space

Are you looking for office or lab space in the knowledge-intensive region of Groningen? We are currently busy constructing a new multitenant building: Plus Ultra Groningen. Visit the page and download the brochure for more information. Office and laboratory space is also still available in the Zernikelab.

Campus Groningen. De Kadans Community bestaat uit een enorm groep kennisintensieve bedrijven, huurders van Kadans, een grote groep kennisintensieve instellingen en bedrijven op de campussen waar zich Kadans bedrijfsverzamelgebouwen bevinden en vele andere relaties die aangetrokken voelen tot de innovatieve sectoren waarop Kadans zich focust. Ook de partner universiteiten zijn actief betrokken bij de Kadans Community.
ZernikeLab op Campus Groningen
Plus Ultra Groningen nieuw multi-tenant gebouw op Zernike Campus

Ecosystem services at Campus Groningen

In addition to tailor-made accommodation, Kadans also offers various ecosystem services. These services are offered on top of normal property management and technical services. By offering these extra ecosystem services, Kadans optimizes the success of your organization.

Some examples of our ecosystem services are:

  • Access to an extensive network of innovative commercial companies and renowned knowledge and research institutes at science parks and campuses across Europe
  • Access to network organizations within the agri & food sector
  • Access to international business
  • Access to network meetings
  • Access to community events
  • Access to career events
  • Access to shared lab facilities and instruments
  • Access to multiple business services, such as intellectual property services, legal services, human resource services and marketing & communications services
  • Access to incubator and accelerator programmes
  • Access to capital
  • Access to meeting facilities
  • Access to office and lab design and development support

Kadans facilities at Campus Groningen

Latest news from the Kadans Community

Build to Scale Programme – A new partnership development with ECE

27 June 2022|

Together with Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, we are happy to announce that the new Build to Scale programme will take place in the iconic Rotterdam Science Tower. Beginning on September 6th 2022, this 12-week

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