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About Meulensteen House of Robotics

Incubator for robotics

The Meulensteen Art Center on TU/e Campus is redeveloped into Meulensteen House of Robotics, where robotics start-ups can locate their activities. The building is a multi-tenant building with shared facilities such as a pantry, lunch area, meeting rooms and various flexible work spaces. The building has four workshops on the ground floor. The first floor consists of one large workspace.

Automation is one of the most dominant trends in our society and robotics is a physical translation of this. Universities are a hot spot of new ideas and innovation in the area of robotics. This is why we developed an incubator, specifically for robotics start-ups. In Meulensteen House of Robotics, start-ups can work together to develop their new robotics innovations and have the space to thoroughly test them. By working together and by realizing shared facilities, an inspiring environment is created that contributes to the innovative character of both Meulensteen House of Robotics as well as the TU/e Campus. Because of its location and its pre-existing community, tenants in Meulensteen House of Robotics can easily maintain a relevant connection with the Eindhoven University of Technology, which means they can continue to have access to the students and knowledge of the university. This is how we build a robotics community on campus together.


Eindhoven Medical Robotics
High Tech Systems Center

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