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High tech start-ups and R&D

The MMP building is a multi-tenant office primarily used by TU/e spin-off’s, start-up’s and scale-ups.

Kadans immediately started with plans to refurbish the building completely. MMP will be fitted out with a new look-and-feel which will meet the current standards and requirements. Works should be completed Q4 2019. MMP was and will always be the vibrant heart of the TU/e-campus for start-up’s, scale-up’s and other TU/e related spin-off’s, bridging the gap between the TU/e. Bringing theories to life business wise by providing the most ideal circumstances and conditions for these parties to excel and help them make their ambitions come to life!

MMP already houses over 15 companies all affiliated to and origined from the TU/e. The main focus of these companies is tech related such as Artificial Intelligence, constructing apps for mobile phones and groundbreaking IT-solutions. One of the main tenants of the building is Eindhoven Engine. Eindhoven Engine is a recently founded company with its main goal to accelerate innovation in the Brainport Region through challenge-based research. Teams, consisting of the most talented researchers in the field from the industry, knowledge-based institutes and students will cooperate in Eindhoven Engine research programs to deliver breakthrough technical solutions.


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Eindhoven Engine

Kadans cooperates with Eindhoven Engine, located in MMP. Eindhoven Engine is a cooperation platform of various knowledge institutions, companies, government, social organizations and citizens in the Brainport region. Together, Eindhoven Engine wants to accelerate innovation through challenging research. By bringing together experience and talent at one location, MMP, cross-polination is caused between various projects and industries. Together they search for technological solutions for social challenges.

Withing Eindhoven Engine, there is space for ambitious students, researchers, scientists, industrial innovatios and young professionals. Partners of Eindhoven Engine include the Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys, ASML, Signify, Philips, NXP, NTS and TNO.

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