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Novio Tech Campus – Nijmegen

This former NXP site used to house a number of production plants and R&D facilities. As the technology used in several plants became outdated, production and support facilities were closed. Building M is an example of this. The fact that NXP discontinued its activities in Building M, but nevertheless sought intensive partnership with other semiconductor-related businesses, has created a unique situation. Indeed, the renovation and operation of Building M became the driving force behind the development of Novio Tech Campus.

Knowledge, business and innovation come together at Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. The campus offers state-of-the-art research infrastructure and accommodation for entrepreneurs and researchers in the Life Sciences, Health and High Tech sectors.

Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen. De Kadans Community bestaat uit een enorm groep kennisintensieve bedrijven, huurders van Kadans, een grote groep kennisintensieve instellingen en bedrijven op de campussen waar zich Kadans bedrijfsverzamelgebouwen bevinden en vele andere relaties die aangetrokken voelen tot de innovatieve sectoren waarop Kadans zich focust. Ook de partner universiteiten zijn actief betrokken bij de Kadans Community.
Laboratorium faciliteiten. Lab ruimte huren? Wilt u een laboratorium huren in een science bedrijfsverzamelgebouw van Kadans? Kadans richt uw laboratorium op maat voor u in of u deelt het lab met meerdere huurders. Kadans beschikt over science verzamelgebouwen in bijna alle universiteitssteden. Vaak op de campus dicht bij andere R&D professionals. Kennisintensieve bedrijven, instellingen en startups nemen contact op met Kadans om te weten waar nog een laboratorium te huur is of waar Kadans het huren laboratoriumruimte mogelijk kan maken.

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Sharing knowledge for growth. That is the underlying philosophy of Novio Tech Campus. The campus is equipped with advanced laboratories (ML 1, 2, 3), flex labs, clean rooms, an equipment pool and it has access to NXP’s European Diagnostics Centre as well as high-quality semi-grade operating supplies. It has offices and meeting rooms with all the necessary support and services and a modern meet & greet area for networking events. In close corporation with their Briskr partners, Kadans and Novio Tech Campus offer entrepreneurs access to the expertise, facilities and (inter)national networks of companies and knowledge institutions. They also provide start-ups and young companies an integrated package of facilities and support for their enterprise.

Novio Tech Campus houses a lot of different knowledge intensive businesses and institutes. You can find an overview here.

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