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Incubator and multi-tenant complex on Wageningen Campus

Plus Ultra II offers companies the opportunity to grow in the heart of the Wageningen campus. On the business strip of this unique ecosystem around agriculture, food, health and sustainability, Plus Ultra II has approximately 10,500 m2 of space for sustainable business activity. Plus Ultra II brings together a large group of entrepreneurial companies, start-ups and student-challenges. The meet & greet facilities contribute to knowledge sharing, synergy and communication. A building with a beating heart in the center of the Wageningen campus. The multi-tenant complex is transparent and flexible and is also physically linked to Plus Ultra with, a bridge. There is space for open and closed offices, various laboratories, pilot plants and other research areas. The central stairwell containing all shared facilities contributes to stimulating meetings between the various tenants. Plus Ultra and Plus Ultra II have their own parking garage with over 300 parking spaces, so tenants and visitors never have to walk far. There is also a private bicycle storage between the parking garage and the building. Of course there is also thought of both electric cars and electric bicycles.

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Plus Ultra: “even further”

‘Plus Ultra’ means “ever further”, as a reference to the drive to keep innovating and improving. Plus Ultra is a reaction to the famous historical text ‘Non Plus Ultra’ placed by Hercules on the 2 pillars at the Strait of Gibraltar. The pillars on both the African and European mainland marked the end of the world: ‘nothing exists beyond this point’. Emperor Charles V, who since 1516 was also the king of Spain, chose ‘Plus Ultra’ – a variation on Non Plus Ultra – as his motto. Under Charles’ reign, Spain experienced an enormous colonial expansion, reflecting that the Strait of Gibraltar no longer marked the end of the world and that Spain’s ambitions extended beyond the horizon. Plus Ultra has since then symbolised the drive to go further, never stop exploring and always be curious. Traits that form the essence of this research complex.


From the moment that the first plans for Plus Ultra II were made, the theme of ‘sustainability’ always played a prominent role. According to the guidelines of the BREEAM – systematics is Plus Ultra II from the first moment designed with this theme in mind. BREEAM is a way of designing, realizing and using buildings in which all aspects of a design, realization and operating period of a development receive attention. The building meets very high requirements of sustainability. For example, we provide solar panels and excellent insulation which greatly reduces energy consumption and we do not use fossil fuels for the primary facilities.


Cheil Jedang
Fumi Ingredients
Kamphorst Agrofondsen
KWS Vegetables
Sophie’s Bionutrients
Wageningen Universiteit

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