New multi-tenant building on Zernike Campus Groningen

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Flexible options for start-ups and growing innovative businesses


An inspiring place for entrepeneurs that want to build a strong community together with Kadans Science Partner.

Inspiring meetings

Plus Ultra stimulates meetings, cooperation and knowledge-sharing between entrepreneurs in the knowledge-intensive sector.

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Shared facilities

Tailor-made spaces and shared facilities to support the innovative ecosystem.

Unique expertise

Completely tailor-made offices with additional shared facilities to stimulate meetings.

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Campus location

Unique location on Campus Groningen, the center for innovation, research and entrepreneurship in North-Netherlands.

Zernike Campus

The place to be for start-ups, companies and knowledge institutions active in the fields of energy, chemistry, life sciences and big data. The innovative center for North-Netherlands.

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Plus Ultra’ means ‘ever further’, as a reference to the drive to keep innovating and improving. This new multi-tenant building on Campus Groningen offers tailor-made accommodation for start-ups, scale-ups and innovative companies. Zernike Campus, part of Campus Groningen, focuses on companies active in energy, chemistry, life sciences and big data. Plus Ultra makes the connection between these companies. The building acts as a catalyst for innovation and stimulates collaboration between companies, knowledge organizations and educational institutions. Through shared facilities and ‘meet & greet’ spaces, personal encounters are stimulated. This creates a unique ecosystem in which companies can develop faster.


Shared facilities

In order to stimulate innovation in the building, we value themes such as “connection, proximity, human dimension, programming and adaptability”. Ultimately, this connects customers and employees. One of the strengths of a multi-tenant building is the sharing of facilities. All facilities in the building are therefore made available to all users as much as possible. From the entrance with lunch area to informal seating areas, meeting rooms and pantries on all floors. Each tenant rents a part of the general areas in proportion to their ‘dedicated’ size in relation to the total. It goes without saying that the leased space can be physically separated from the publicly accessible areas.

Plus Ultra Groningen: more than just accommodation

On top of the tailor-made accommodation, Kadans offers various ecosystem services. These services are provided in addition to regular property and technical services. By offering these ecosystem services Kadans optimizes the success of your organization.

Some examples of our ecosystem services are:

  • Access to an extensive network of innovative commercial businesses and renowned knowledge & research institutions on many science parks and campuses throughout Europe

  •  Access to trade missions

  • Access to community meetings at the campus

  •  Access to career events

  •  Access to multiple business services, like intellectual property services, legal services, human resource services and marketing & communication services

  • Access to incubator and accelerator programs

  • Access to capital

  • Access to meeting facilities

  • Access to office and laboratory design and development support

Full overview of ecosystem services

Campus Groningen

Zernike Campus is one of the two locations of Campus Groningen. Campus Groningen is the center for innovation, research and activity in the Northern Netherlands. Campus Groningen is one of the largest and most important campuses in the Netherlands with almost 200 companies, three knowledge institutions (RUG, UMCG and Hanze University), over 45,000 students and a total of over 20,000 jobs.

Campus Groningen is one of the oldest campuses in the Netherlands. Zernike Campus came into being at the end of the 1960’s, on the northern edge of the city of Groningen. The first buildings on the campus were dedicated to research and education in natural sciences and technology of the University of Groningen (RUG). Subsequently, knowledge-intensive companies and spin-offs from the university were established there. This created an ecosystem for intensive public-private cooperation with knowledge institutions, numerous companies and facilities such as the Innolab Chemie Groningen and the Zernike NanoLab Groningen. The Zernike Campus has a clear profile with a focus on energy, chemistry, life sciences and big data. For the approximately 150 companies, the high-tech facilities and the possibilities for collaboration form an excellent breeding ground for their products and services.

In less than six years, Campus Groningen has grown from a start-up campus to one of the largest mature campuses of national importance by 2018. In addition, Campus Groningen is the fastest growing campus in the Netherlands and the second largest campus in terms of total employment.

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