Exciting things are happening at RIFT (Renewable Iron Fuel Technology); a company working closely with EIRES (Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems) to bring the potential of iron fuel technology to the market. Their organization has achieved several important milestones of their goal to commercial roll-out of this new technology.

The exiting updates and achievements include:

  • Production of iron fuel has started at Industriepark Kleefse Waard at the Energy Demofield of Connectr – Energy innovation.
  • Construction of a 1 MW boiler system has started at Ennatuurlijk B.V. From this summer onwards, five hundred homes in Gemeente Helmond will receive heat from burnt iron fuel!
  • RIFT has signed a letter of intent with Veolia Nederland B.V. to realize the world’s first commercial pilot of the Iron Fuel Technology at a 5 MW scale.

This brings the innovative team behind RIFT one step closer to a sustainable future that is powered by clean and renewable energy.

Find out more about the company and this new technology at their website.