Welcoming Tanatex Chemicals

At the beginning of this year, Tanatex Chemicals moved into BioPartner Center Wageningen.

Tanatex Chemicals moved into their space on the ground floor of BioPartner Center in Wageningen. As a chemicals producer, Tanatex Chemicals delivers to the textile industry. Tanatex Chemicals is groundbreaking with state-of-the-art textile processing solutions, ranging from pre-treatment to finishing. With their global network of offices, agencies and distributors, they support their customers all over the world with advanced high-quality wet processing products and a high level of customized technical service. For almost 60 years they have proven to be a trustworthy and innovative partner. Since 2016, Tanatex Chemicals is a part of Transfar Chemicals and since 2019 they are located in BioPartner Center Wageningen. Tanatex Chemicals chose Biopartner Center Wageningen to accommodate the growth of the R&D department for the development of products in growth sectors like textile, functional finishes and solutions for digital printing of textiles.

BioPartner Center Wageningen is located at Nieuwe Kanaal 7 on Business & Science Park Wageningen. Read more on BioPartner Center Wageningen or contact us for more information.

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