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What our partners say


Mr Oscar Kneppers, founder Rockstart

“A clear vision of the changing world”

“The world is changing. From a playing field with a limited number of large companies, we are venturing into a setting of numerous small, changeable, flexible businesses. Rockstart offers them support in the form of money, knowledge, network and an attractive culture. In addition, companies need a physical location and that is where Kadans comes into the picture.

Kadans is not only investing as a shareholder in Rockstart, but also provides a great deal of know-how. That is what I call ‘smart money’. It is not a traditional real estate company that ‘creates square metres’, but instead has a clear vision of that changing world. Kadans understands what is required, listens to its clients and offers solutions. The requested flexibility is, of course, at odds with static bricks and mortar, which is precisely the added value of Kadans.

I am extremely pleased they approached us. That alone is proof of a transcending view of the future of real estate. You could see it like this: Kadans supplies the hardware and Rockstart the software. This process is going to become more and more interesting given our ambition to expand. We are currently supervising 55 start-ups from five locations. Soon we will be moving into a Kadans ‘accelerator’ building in Nijmegen, where the focus will be on digital health. I think that we have a bright future together.”

Rockstart, we love startups. Rockstart huurt voor haar startups ruimtes met R&D faciliteiten van Kadans Science Partner.
Oscar Kneppers, founder en CEO Rockstart
Avans JHogeschool, partner van Kadans.

Avans Hogeschool

Mr René Tönissen, director Academy of Construction & Infrastructure

“Kadans, a highly committed contact which has never let us down”

Avans University of Applied Sciences and Kadans have been operating in close partnership with one another for quite some time now. Kadans gives lectures, holds a seat on the Advice Committee Workgroup (WAC), provides students with projects, and offers annual traineeship places. This prompted us to interview Mr Tönissen (Director of the Academy of Construction & Infrastructure -Avans University of Applied Sciences) with a view to revealing the significance of the partnership. His story is as follows.

“Education is continually changing, due primarily to the constantly changing market. And the market is currently highly turbulent, which has obliged institutes like ours to adopt a more in-depth approach to competences. We therefore also endeavour to directly involve those operating in the field in question as members of the Advice Committee Workgroup (WAC). They advise us on the matter of the competences required. This enables us to teach not only theory, but also to devote additional attention to the way things are done in the field in the form of traineeship and practical assignments. Students consider this this highly beneficial. After all, it implies that they are not limited to studying ‘stuffy’ books, but actually become acquainted with the latest issues in the field.

Heijmans is one of the parties which has been responsible for the provision of such a practical assignment. It actually sent its own people to carry out the assessment at the end of the module. Students therefore received interesting and amusing feedback, while the bloopers were also highlighted. It is particularly favourable that we have such partners.

Each lecturer has their own network, which implies that Avans has established literally hundreds of contacts in the field. However, there are very few that are as actively involved as Kadans Vastgoed. We therefore continually have to consider the point at which a partner actually becomes a strategic partner.

During this latest period of recession, however, we have noticed various signs which indicate that not only intermediate (MBO) but also higher vocational education (HBO) is now struggling in the Netherlands. There is an increasing shortage of both higher vocational traineeship and graduation places. This was previously primarily the case in intermediate vocational education. Kadans Vastgoed is therefore highly committed and dedicated in its response to this call in our view. In fact, it has performed absolutely exceptionally in continuing to provide traineeship and graduation places as well as participating in the WAC, where it invariably proves well-prepared and does not hesitate to pose critical queries and/or comments. Partners in the WAC, such as Kadans, are exceptional in their commitment to fulfilling social responsibilities.

The amount and the balance of theory and practical aspects that a course comprises will nevertheless always remain a topic for debate. However, both practical experience and knowledge are absolutely vital. The idea of setting up a pool of partners, which future students seeking traineeship place might be prompted to approach, is also being carefully considered. This would help avoid the problem of students simply accepting a traineeship with a firm in the neighbourhood for the sake of convenience, instead of pursuing one which actually meets the requirements and standards of the student in question. Furthermore, the very broad range of courses currently available does not render it any easier to make the right choice in terms of both quality and the appropriate discipline. We therefore aim to reduce the range considerably. We supply tomorrow’s ‘workers’. The students on the course receive solid basic training, which they can immediately put into practice on the job,” according to Mr Tönissen.

Novio Tech Campus

Mr Rikus Wolbers, director Novio Tech Campus

“Kadans exhibits a broad sense of commitment to and responsibility for future developments”

“Novio Tech Campus is the result of a joint redevelopment of both the premises and grounds of the former NXP factory, to accommodate businesses in Life Sciences and High Tech sectors. It is a highly exciting and extensive project, for which we consciously opted for a development partner which was both prepared to invest and had an understanding of the sectors involved. Kadans not only ticked both these boxes, it also has a drive to cooperate with knowledge institutes in providing (more) specialised accommodation solutions for knowledge-intensive businesses.

As a partner, property developer and investor, Kadans remains closely committed throughout the process. And we share a joint interest in this, as the greater the level of business activity at Novio Tech Campus, the more tenants it will attract. Particularly now that we have been granted iLAB (InnovationLab) status by the Chemicals Top Sector, we are even more appealing to start-ups, medium-sized and expanding businesses. We therefore operate jointly in acquisition projects, while cooperating with one another in business development. Kadans’ specialist knowledge enables us to offer tailor-made solutions, which makes for a keen balance of large and small businesses on the campus.

It does not start with a building, but rather a business relationship. This serves as the basis for either party to assume their own role and responsibilities in ultimately executing the project. Kadans has fulfilled its pledges, and is therefore a proactive partner to us for the long term.”

Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen. De Kadans Community bestaat uit een enorm groep kennisintensieve bedrijven, huurders van Kadans, een grote groep kennisintensieve instellingen en bedrijven op de campussen waar zich Kadans bedrijfsverzamelgebouwen bevinden en vele andere relaties die aangetrokken voelen tot de innovatieve sectoren waarop Kadans zich focust. Ook de partner universiteiten zijn actief betrokken bij de Kadans Community.
Rikus Wolbers, directeur Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen.
Wageningen Universiteit en Research Centre. Wageningen UR, WUR. Triple-O-Campus Breda. De Kadans Community bestaat uit een enorm groep kennisintensieve bedrijven, huurders van Kadans, een grote groep kennisintensieve instellingen en bedrijven op de campussen waar zich Kadans bedrijfsverzamelgebouwen bevinden en vele andere relaties die aangetrokken voelen tot de innovatieve sectoren waarop Kadans zich focust. Ook de partner universiteiten zijn actief betrokken bij de Kadans Community.
Petra Caessens, manager campus development Wageningen UR, University & Research centre.

Wageningen University and Research Centre

Ms Petra Caessens, Campus Development Manager at Wageningen University and Research Centre

“Together we nourish the ecosystem”

“I am responsible for the further development of Wageningen Campus, which includes attracting knowledge-intensive companies within our domain. Examples are businesses from the agricultural, food and biobased sectors. We tackle that challenge in cooperation with parties like Kadans. Our task is primarily to create an ecosystem: parts which need and strengthen each other, as biology teaches us.

We create interaction between science and business. That stimulates innovation and, with that, economic development. One example is companies that perform research in collaboration with students. Then there are companies that use the high-quality facilities of the University and there are larger companies that are keen to centre their R&D activities within such a knowledge environment.

Kadans occupies a beautiful building in the heart of that ecosystem where it facilitates start-ups. Its in-depth market knowledge and a feeling for the specific market, which is often characterised by sluggish decision-making, makes Kadans a valuable, professional partner for us. Our opinions can sometimes clash on whether or not a certain company fits into our ecosystem. We must make sure that we prevent any contamination. Kadans is fully aware of this and we communicate extremely openly. There is a high level of trust. During the time ahead it is going to be interesting to see who takes on which role in the starters’ chain, which has attracted a great deal of interest from a broad range of investors and public parties.”